The Adventure Will Continue

The Gods are Bastards is on a temporary hiatus due to the author’s mental health and burnout on the series. It is being worked on at a slower pace and updates will resume when they are ready. In the interim, D. D. Webb will be publishing a new story which will update regularly.

For regular updates and to stay in touch with the community, join Webb’s discord server.

Thank you for reading TGAB! This adventure is not over yet.

6 thoughts on “The Adventure Will Continue

  1. Started reading Only Villains do That, and I must say it’s already off to a fun and wild start. Good luck with the new project and your health, and thank you for the entertainment you’ve provided and will provide in the future!


  2. I’m not going to pretend this isn’t a bummer, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Recharge your batteries. I sure do want to one day learn the secret those scoundrel Pantheon gods are hiding, so I’ll be waiting for you when you come back here.


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