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*There is currently a backlog of 7 funded chapters owed, which will be posted as the author is able on non-funded update days

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These figures are subject to change.  See below.

The Gods are Bastards is a free service provided in the tradition of the open Internet.  New chapters will be posted every Monday or Wednesday, regardless of any reader support or lack thereof.  The most current chapters will be for backers only, but

If you want to see the story update faster, though, here’s how you can help!

The weekly donation goal, listed above, will result in a chapter being posted on Friday!  The goals reset on midnight Friday, my time (Central USA), so readers have the whole week to earn a bonus chapter, starting on Saturday morning.  Donations via Paypal make progress toward the goal in question.  The total monthly pledge amount through Patreon divided by four is a standing contribution toward the weekly donation goal.  On weeks when the donation target isn’t met, the donation tally will roll over to next week, minus that week’s Patreon contributions.  Those won’t be counted twice, but one-time donations will be kept in the tally until an extra chapter is earned, so no reader support goes to waste!

These goals will  change with time, and according to the laws of supply and demand.  The objective is that they be fair, both to readers who wish to see content faster, and to the author, who has things to do other than writing.  I want people to have a good chance at buying another chapter if they are so motivated, but I also need my downtime.   As such, the donation goals will increase if they are quickly met and exceeded, and will decrease if interest slackens off.  The system itself is subject to change, based on feedback.  I will always be up front about how things are run here.  Keep an eye on this page and on the author comments posted below each new chapter for further developments!79

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