Evil is rising.  The world is rent by strife.  The gods have turned away from us.  In times past, heroes of sword and sorcery have always risen to turn back the tide of darkness…  But what will become of us all, now that swords are obsolete, sorcery is industrialized, and heroism itself is considered a relic of the past?

The times are changing…

Incorporating elements of a Western, a Victorian romance, hints of steampunk and inspiration from the early novels of H. Rider Haggard and Arthur Conan Doyle, all set in a world of classic sword and sorcery, The Gods are Bastards is a genre-blending fantasy epic.

Set in a familiar high-fantasy universe of wizards, dragons and elves, the action takes place roughly fifteen hundred years after the medieval stasis in which most high fantasy is set, during an era much like Earth’s Industrial Revolution.  Mass production of enchanted goods has revolutionized all aspects of life, energy weapons have made blades and armor all but obsolete, and the world is connected and illuminated by magical analogues of trains, telegraphs and electric lights.  With progress has come social and political upheaval: the scattered feudal kingdoms of yore have been consolidated into a now-precarious Empire, the clerics of various gods have organized themselves into a mighty Universal Church, and the first stirrings of modern education and an Enlightenment ethos have taken root in a young University.  On the other hand, dragons are nearly extinct, elves have been herded onto reservations, and the days when a person could make a living as a wandering adventurer are long since over.

It’s a new world, and the people of the Empire must learn to live in it, or fall to ancient threats they have tried to forget…


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  1. Um.. Can I ask is Rowena’s Rescue complete?

    I see it’s a book 1 on Amazon so I am not sure.
    I just want to read some one volume complete novel so I am wondering right now.


    1. Rowena’s Rescue is a complete novel, yes. It is meant as the first installment in a series; there are more stories to tell, but the book works on its own. While I am looking forward to continuing the series, there are no major cliffhangers at the end and if I were to die tomorrow it would work as a standalone story.

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      1. Oh! that great to hear. 🙂

        I will be sure to check the sample and buy it if I am hook. >w<


    1. Reddit fills this void nicely for Worm, is setting up a /tiraas address as simple as typing it in somewhere? Of course then you’d still have to get interested readers to visit periodically.

      Even if Webb’s down to let this thread host said discussion(s), the same still applies. I only stumbled here while trying to figure out how to order that Rowena book, which is apparently impossible to do on mobile…


  2. I would love to see an rpg set in this world, even if it’s just a supplement for d&d. I’ve been taking notes and trying to prepare a campaign using clerics and paladins following your gods, but most of it is guesswork and assumptions. I would totally pay for a physical rpg book. Or maybe you could set up a forum where we could ask questions and get more in depth descriptions of your world.


    1. I would love to offer mine:

      I can’t find an email address for our beloved auther, or I’d make the offer via that, so hopefully he sees this 😛

      This system is intended to always be free to play, with the core rules on the site available to all. If tGaB would consider allowing me to create an “official” setting for my system, that would be amazing.

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  3. Have you ever considered making Rowena’s Rescue available through other vendors like Google Books? I’ve been meaning to buy it for the longest time, but I don’t use Amazon, so it’s a hassle for me to get it. I wouldn’t suggest doing this just for me, but there are probably other costumers, albeit probably a small amount, who’d buy Rowena’s Rescue if it was on Google Books.


    1. Thanks, but if this is in regard to the website you linked, I don’t think I’m interested. I prefer not to put my content behind a paywall. That never works out well for webserialists.

      Most of us stick to the donation model for monetization because it’s the one which has performed the best. If you follow the forums at webfictionguide.com, you’ll find that people launch services like this with some regularity and they never survive long.

      Serial readers know what they’re looking for and how to find it, and they just aren’t interested in paying in advance, as a rule. I hope you have success with this venture, but for my part I am content with my current setup.


      1. Hi D.D. Webb,

        Thanks for the response. The key to Radish is that we use a ‘freemium’ model, whereby chapters are only behind a paywall for a set period, usually 7 days. This way, fans who want to read chapters early and support their favourite authors in the process pay a small amount to do so using in-app purchase, and for those who don’t they can simply wait until the chapter unlocks. The big advantage is that this is all done within one mobile app platform – users don’t need to be directed to multiple sites in order to support authors.

        I confess I haven’t looked in depth at the webfictionguide.com forums, but to our knowledge we are the only company in the West that is using this model. We have drawn inspiration from similar sites in the East, such as Lehzin Comics and Shanda Cloudary, and already have a great line up of investors and advisors, including Alberto Vitale, CEO of Penguin Random House for over 15 years.

        It’s fantastic that you are finding a way to monetise your writing online, and completely understandable if Radish doesn’t seem like a good fit for you right now. However there are many other great writers out there who struggle to find way to make a living from online fiction, and Radish is already helping many of them find a way to earn an income while still giving fans who can’t afford to support them financially access to their work for free. If you are interested in learning a bit more about Radish and what we’re doing, or have any other questions or comments, please feel free to reply here or email directly as alex@radishfiction.com.

        Best wishes,


        On Tue, Feb 23, 2016 at 5:53 PM, The Gods are Bastards wrote:

        > D. D. Webb commented: “Thanks, but if this is in regard to the website you > linked, I don’t think I’m interested. I prefer not to put my content behind > a paywall. That never works out well for webserialists. Most of us stick to > the donation model for monetization because it’s” >


  4. Hi. Love the books. Keen to buy, rather than scroll through all the web pages. Can I purchase from any where? If so send link.
    Thanks Chris


  5. Hi, I started reading this awesome work. I’ve started creating a year ago which is thematically similar to your stories. Over on http://www.reddit.com/r/rpgdesign/ (a forum I moderate), a member suggested I start reading TGAB. I love it. My question is… is there a way I can hire you (for very little money) to write sections of an RPG? If you are interested in talking about this, please contact me.


    1. Hi there! Thanks for the compliment, and I’m glad you’re enjoying my story.

      While I’m extremely flattered at the request, I’m afraid I’m not doing any work for hire at the moment. It’s nothing to do with your project, which sounds quite interesting, but simply my work schedule. I recently accepted a commission for a TGaB-related piece, and it was a serious stretch; it kept being pushed back and keeping me stressed out, all because I’m pretty much at my limit in terms of productivity. Right now I’m focusing on this serial, and not taking on additional projects.

      Still, I greatly appreciate the thought, and wish you luck!


      1. Hey, thanks for the reply.

        Understand how you feel. I often get back from work and I’m committed to writing out a half page of something and I’m writing with blurry eyes, falling asleep at my keyboard, pushing to work a little more otherwise I may slack and nothing comes out.

        I’m at 100 pages now… I speculate that I’m at least 6 months before I go to editors. I’m looking for things like 2 – page storylets set in this world. I’ve written settings… but I don’t believe I’m good with narrative. So if you change your mind in the future, please contact me.

        Here is a link to the word doc version of the work, so far: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6TetFoO-og-Z3ZKUG9WM3NXVnc

        This game setting would be almost the same world as TGAB, but more cynical (compared to what I read of TGAB so far). I believe that if magic is “known” and rationalized, it would be used to exploit and enslave as much as to liberate. And it would often be used to enslave (via free labor of undead and golems) by people who think they are liberators. It is thematically a critique of capitalism, the industrial revolution, racism, as well as the meaning of self-identity when what we believe is determined by mass-media / Imprinting magics.

        PS. Sorry for saying I would pay only a very little… my game has not gone to KS yet, so whatever I spend now comes out of meager savings, which by rights should be for saving up for the kids. Damn kids.


  6. Hey, first of all I´d like to thank you for this awesome story. Gramatical errors are practically non-existant, and in the first 4 books i dont think I´ve spotted more than 5 or so small typos. And more importantly, the story is really good. I´d LOVE to see more fanart. Again, THANK YOU for writing this.

    I was wondering: More or less how often do you release a chapter?


  7. Hi! Thanks for this great story!

    I’ve made some EPUBs for mobile consumption. Do you mind if I distribute them and do you want me to give them to you?


  8. Hi D. D., I’m not sure how best to reach you about this, so here’s trying with a post on your about page!

    We’re a boutique press trying to fill the gap between mainstream publishers and self-publishing. I’d love to have a chat with you about what we offer and see if you’re interested. Please let me know!


  9. Hi, love your story and I know my uncle would also love it, howrver he is blind from multiple sclerosis though and needs his iPad to read to him. I was wondering if you have pdf versions available? I would be willing to pay if needed.


  10. D. D. Webb,

    I am unable to find an email address to contact you at, so I hope you’re ok with me using this.

    I would like to record an audio book version of TGaB: similar to the one that was made for Worm. I find it easier to find time to listen to an audio book than to read text, and as far as I’m aware, there isn’t a project in the works already for this. I would plan to record and release chapter by chapter, and every chapter would, of course, state that the story, world, etc. are your intellectual property; link to this site; and encourage supporting you. Again, similar to the way the Worm fan-made audio book does it. Link to Worm audio book if you want to see (hear?) what I mean: audioworm.rein-online.org

    I’d love to hear if you have any thoughts (or objections) on this idea. If you would like to contact me via email instead of replying here, you can reach me at zachmorgan@cox.net


  11. Hello Author!
    I started reading your story about a bit more than month ago and I finally managed to catch up. I got to say… I am in love with this amazing story and all of it’s charakters. Please continue writing! It is one of the best stories I’ve read so far – on the internet and in books alike.
    The details of your world and every charakter are astonishing and I can’t even start to imagine how much time you spent and still spend on it!
    Since I do not also love to read but also draw a lot, your story gave me a whole lot of ideas for fanart and when i get the time I will try my best to make them worth this amazing world you created!
    Thank you for sharing this with everyone for free – If you’ll ever come around publishing it as a real book, I will sure as hell sign up for a copy!
    Keep up the good work!


  12. Um, I was wondering, how do I send fanart to you? You probably won’t read this as you have way more important things to do, though. I really want to send fanart. Keep doing what your doing!


    1. The simplest way is to put it up on Imgur and post a link in the comments section of the newest chapter; I get email notifications of those so that helps ensure I see it.

      If you do, is it all right if I add it to the site’s gallery?


  13. Hi Mr. Webb. I have a few questions about the setting of your world and, if possible, I hope I can discuss it with you. Is there any way I could contact you?


  14. Just getting started and just finished the prologue to book 1. I’ll see you at the end, looking forward to the journey.


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