I apologize for this, but I’m not at all well.  My minor toothache escalated into some of the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in the space of one hour and has stayed that way, resisting all treatments.  My dentist has apparently not been in the office all day.

I’m making spotty progress on today’s chapter, but it’s far from done and won’t be done by my usual midnight posting time, and at this point I’m coping with exhaustion on top of agony.  The writing wasn’t going well anyway and has come to a stop.

Gonna try to see if the dentist can squeeze me in for an emergency visit tomorrow, assuming anybody’s there.  No idea why the office was closed today; maybe she’s on vacation.  If that doesn’t pan out I may suck it up and go to the emergency room.   There’s not gonna be much if any sleep for me tonight, but I’m going to try to catch a nap or two if I can.

Chapter 5 – 16 will thus be late, hopefully not too much so.  If at all possible I’ll try to have it done at some point Wednesday.  There are a lot of variables concerning how the day might go, however, few of them promising.

Thanks for your patience.

15 thoughts on “Interruption

  1. I hope you’re able to get medical care tomorrow that helps this infection to heal lastingly and that the pain gets better. Awful sounding business.
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to the next chapter whenever you can get it done. Gesundheit!


  2. I wish you all the best and hope you’ll feel better soon. Don’t worry about the chapter, we can wait. Take care of yourself.


  3. Amazing work with TGaB. I absolutely love it. take your time, we’ll all gladly wait while you recover.

    Do you have a capsule or tablet of the antibiotic you took last time? if you do, keep it pressed against your tooth and lay your head on that side. A few hours of steeping in the pool of antibiotic saliva will help ease the swelling and pain. Should be a stop gap for a day or two till you get an appointment.

    Good luck.


  4. I wish this were an April Fool’s joke – I hope you can get competent dental help soon. Take care.


  5. Hi, guys, thanks for your well-wishes. I just got through to my dentist and they can work me in–actually I have an appointment in about 45 minutes. Unless this ends up being something truly disastrous, hopefully this means I’ll be able to get it dealt with and have the chapter done and posted later today. Wish me luck.


  6. Okay, back from the dentist. Basically, I need a root canal, and cannot have one because they cost what I make in a month and my insurance won’t cover it. SO, I’m having the tooth in question pulled. That pretty much finishes off my upper left molars, so I will not be chewing on that side anymore. I am trying not to get depressed about this, but man, it’s not a good feeling.

    Right now I have a course of antibiotics to bring the infection under control, which have helped me in the past. Extraction scheduled for a week from tomorrow. I’m in less pain. Really, it’s down to the level of “annoyance,” which is a significant improvement from the debilitating agony that made my boss send me home yesterday because I was lurching around grimacing and clutching my head.

    Need to catch a nap–I am just barely coherent–and then get to writing. Your regularly scheduled bastardry will resume this afternoon or early evening. Sorry for the delay, everybody. I appreciate your patience.


    1. I’m still amazed at the state of the US health system. It sounds like a third world country to me.
      Over here you’d go to the dentist, they’d immediately (within 24h) do the root canal and it wouldn’t cost you a single cent. You’d still get paid by your employer even if you missed work that day.

      I hope at some later point it will become possible for you to get implants so you get your teeth back.


      1. At the risk of sounding unpatriotic, yes, the US health care system is a damn disgrace. We have the world’s most sophisticated medical science and huge swaths of the population have no access to it.

        Implants are something I do eventually want to get, but…that’s far in the future. If ever. They are not cheap.


    2. Aw, man: that sucks. -_- Wish you were in the UK: sure, you pay for some things at the dentists — but, root canals aren’t considered “cosmetic”, so don’t pay for those.


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